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Website presented by Julie K. Frey of Speedy Web Services Finding business funding and growth services online should be easy and fun.

Technology Services

Today it is important that all business owners be aware of current available technologies and advanced systems available to help them reach their goals. Be secure and be connected.

Education & Training

Learning never stops. All the best educational services, guides and products are selected and presented to you so that you can choose what fits your interests and needs.

Social Media Connections

Make use of all means of connecting with other business associates, customers and your fans.

Real Estate Investment Funding

Real Estate Funding

Connect with a private real estate funding lending professional by email by completing a form and getting a "soft pull" credit report.

  • Safe & Private
  • Entertaining
  • 650 Credit Score Minimum
  • No Banks Involved
Fast US Small Business Funding

Fast US Small Business Loans

Discover the joys of learning that your booming US small business has hope. Don't be delayed by hoops to jump through or fearing it will cost you too much. David Allen Capital, Inc. is a private lender already proven to help US small business owners who are struggling with growth phase of their company. Get $10,000 to $500,000 with an easy 6 step process. A Loan Agent will help you if you have limited computer access or prefer paper process path. Remember to share this news with others you know to help your entire community because that is what you do.

PCI Compliant Payment Systems

PCI Compliant Payment Systems

Discover peace of mind when you begin merchant account services with Harbortouch, a company that bases fees on services and not equipment purchase or lease. Your customers want safety when they pay. EMV and POODLE mandates help you comply with current security requirements. Get free point of sale equipment with a 3 year service agreement. Get a sales quote and an invitation to try out HT software online when you visit our site and send email to sales team.

Visit BTCPop Peer to Peer Lending and Investment

BTCPop Peer to Peer Lending and Investment

New financial technologies have increased range of both funding and investment options. Once you have begun path to cryptocurrency, you increase your options. With BTCPop, gaining reputution goes beyond your credit score. Let your identity and online connections help you build your reputation. Connect with others to help them get funding. Seek funding from BTCPop members.

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