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Are you looking to purchase real estate for investment? Here's your chance to connect with a private real estate lender via email contact. Before you start, take time to research your property. Determine how much it will cost to keep the property before it is repaired. If you do your homework, the lender will like that.

This is a cool cat contact service to connect you with a private lender. Don't worry about having to enter any private details now. Just your essential contact details are enough. Save the details if you qualify for a loan. Don't make it a habit of entering any financial form you see. Some are lead capturing services where you can end up anywhere. If you prefer only one contact, then this is for you.

  • Steps:
  • View the video if you have not done so already.
  • (It's a good video. The web admin made it for free.)
  • Enter your name, best phone number and best email address.
  • Enter your state. You must be US resident.
  • Enter loan amount if you choose.
  • It's good to know how you came to this page.
  • Leave any additional comments to relay to lender.
  • Read message and press orange button.
  • Cognito Forms will send you a confirmation email.
  • You can choose to be added to a list if you want that.
  • Come back and explore host site Get Cash For Business.

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