Handy Keywords

GetCashForBusiness cool kitty

Cool business kitty wants you to have the best traffic campaigns. Finding and using keywords is crucial to finding and selecting your target visitors. The more specific your keywords are, you will get more value when you pay for your traffic. The first list is common money or traffic getting keywords you need for pay sites.

The second list of keyword parts to help you form responsive action phrases or commonly used search terms. You put these in your text ads, your banner ads, your website keyword list and other ad campaigns.

Keyword List 1

Keyword List 2

Traffic Ad Campaigns

Now that you have these handy lists, you can start to run ad campaigns with these words. Grab your Notepad or other text editor to copy keywords into a list under landing page URL. What you do will depend upon type and context of the campaign. Is this a text ad to be clicked or search traffic phrase?

Requires Continual Testing & Monitoring

Observe ads you see running as you surf. Take notes and monitor your campaigns. Don't overspend your credits before you are sure the landing page is working and you are getting signups.

Not Getting Signups?

If you find that you are not getting signups, there's a reason. Perhaps your program is too complicated. Perhaps the video is not running. Perhaps most visitors are phone only. Perhaps the visitor has malware. (That can interfere with campaigns, unfortunately.)

Having Your Own Hosted Page Is Best

One solution is to create your own capture page and a blog where you can control everything including page appearance and include more detailed information about what you are promoting and essential social media buttons. Don't forget about connecting our page to your Facebook, Twitter, G+ and other social sites. Each one connects you to the search engines and boosts your page rank.

Build Visitor Trust

The goal of a webpage or blog designer is to create a page that people will trust, both with the content and any scripts that run. Make a site that the Google Team will approve at the very least. (Yes, they do inspect websites. It's cool if they like it.) Look at how well this campaign went with a blog as the target page. Look at the hits to the register page! THAT'S what you need to achieve when getting your traffic.

Sign Up Capture Page Tips

Don't have too many other things on your capture page to do. (But at least have minimum requirements such as legal disclaimers, privacy/tos page, up-to-date copyright and security badges if needed.) Leave off third party ads on your capture page. Those belong on your home page. Ideally your capture page should be responsive, but if your website does not have a mobile friendly option your phone only friends will most likely not be able to sign up or use your page. If to my computer and file security themed page, you will find a way to send mobile traffic to your app or favorite crowdfunding campaign with a bitcoin based subscription.

Where To Start

You can go to Facebook, Yahoo, Bing or Google to start running your ads. Or improve the ads you have now. Or you can sign up for each of the programs below.

Time To Take Action

One thing is for sure. If you do nothing today about your desire for real web traffic, nothing will happen. Search traffic takes TIME and regular website or blog activity to start to work. Don't forget to have a generous array of social media connections on your page. You might have to finally add and configure a new social site today. Your site is ranked in part by what points to you. Facebook, Google, Twitter and YouTube are free ways to get link backs to your site. It's best if they are named the same.

Time Increases Website Value

Your website needs to age over time before you have a chance against other sites. If you chose a popular niche, you will have a harder time and will have to work harder and smarter to capture your target audience.

About This Domain

This website domain ("getcashforbusiness.com") was purchased April 2014 with a good keyword name and is currently ranked here on Google. The niche is financial and business services. I feel lucky that I was able to get the domain for free. It used up my web host (Bluehost) free domain credit. If you purchase any advertising to rent space on this page, you are in a good position to benefit from regular traffic.

Does It Work?

Look at each of these campaigns for yourself. Compare blog vs promoting main page. Most promote main page when they buy or rent traffic. See the difference a blog or capture page makes. It takes more work to create your own pages, but it's worth it if it means more converting traffic. On this keyword information page, visitors can pick and choose options depending upon their interests. If you promote affiliate programs like Shareasale, it's a numbers game of keywords and timed promotions. One problem with popular programs like Youngevity is that it's harder to find new customers. You can see that most are logins of existing customers when they find the page via click.

  • clickforbullions campaign
  • Youngevity campaign
  • SFI Home Page Campaign (look at where visitors go first)
  • SFI Blogger Campaign (look at difference in performance!)
  • Commercial Chocolate Fountain Campaign

Six Figure Secrets: The Workshop

Are you still confused about all this? Perhaps you need to start from the beginning. I highly recommend Six Figure Secrets: The Workshop. Sign up for a long presentation. Consider this a test to see how committed you are to working at home in an online business. If you can make it through to the end, then this is for you. You have to learn how to give value and not just post your ideas and products everywhere like most inexperienced online marketers do. You have to be different and set your apart from others. My keywords page is an example of that. My service to you is to find quality online services for you quickly without you searching all over the web for it. You don't have time or perhaps the best Internet access to do that. But I have 15MBPS cable broadband and all my time available now to help you with this page. Start the webinar. It may change your life.

Recommended Quality Traffic Services

  1. RebrandableTraffic

    Get real visitors from many ad networks from $10 at 1,000 visitors to $375 at 200,000 visitors (PayPal). After you sign up (upper right on page), go to FAQ page if you have questions.

  2. LeasedAdSpace

    Purchase traffic packages starting at $7 (Bitcoin, Payza, SolidTrustPay). Members must pay for a package after joining. This ensures that all members within LeasedAdSpace have proven payment methods. One very important criteria to filter for when selling products or memberships online is getting signups with valid and verified payment methods. You want action-takers who respond to your offers. For $7 you get vital personal blog space, banner ads, text ads and a monthly solo email submission. If you want more, upgrade. You are not allowed to upgrade too fast at LAS. Start slow and build it up over time once you have found a marketing method that works.

  3. MLMGateway

    Free & premium level social networking platform where you meet with prospects who specify their interests. Promote any business or service likely to be of interest to the right prospects. Specify what you want and DON'T want in your profile. You can start getting prospects interested in your business within hours of joining MLMGateway.

  4. MellowAds

    Launch banner ad campaigns funded with bitcoin. Many banner sizes supported! Filter by country. Choose daily, impressions or visitor count campaigns. Choose level of hits activity. Don't go too high if you are using cheap/free web hosting or your page is large. Select special page categories like adult or gambling. You can view statistics of all running and idle campaigns if you visit "Banner network" on "Advertise" menu tab. (What other advertiser does this?) Use this information so that you do not duplicate ongoing campaigns. See proof on the stats page for yourself that some advertisers are doing very well with MellowAds. Earn your ad money daily if you have no money. After you Register, please visit "Help" tab if you have questions.

  5. SafeMails

    Safe bulk email service for one lifetime fee. Keep your email message short and to the point. Use bullet points to list features/benefits. Do not try to trick spam filters. Just use other spam bait terms. Use "no charge" rather than "free". Use "USD" rather than "$". Do not use deceptive subject lines. Do not stuff your emails with lots of links. Use one or two links. Links lead to your target affiliate page or your blog or website. Make sure your email message is letter perfect with PERFECT spelling, grammar, punctuation and layout. The following phrases are grating and should be avoided in your ads: "most unique", "your vs you're".

  6. HitsMonkey

    Viral hit system has been around for awhile. Here you visit other sites and then add your site to the list. Then you share HitsMonkey normally using your blog or website. You might see a site you like and join. Put useful sites like web services or quick signups for best response.