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    Funding for business startups and necessities is difficult. When you are trying to make sure that your business is able to continue to work and grow, and that you can get it off the ground, you need to make sure that you have the appropriate funding. In today's market, there are two major sources of funding for businesses: A business loan and a merchant advance. They both have their upsides and downsides, so it is imperative that you compare them before making the jump. Prepare yourself, as well, to ensure that you are accepted and gain the most from the one that you choose.

  • Business Loan
  • A business loan is often received from banks and similar lenders. They are the most well known source of funding for businesses trying to start up or survive rough patches. The rates are normally at acceptable amounts, keeping the interest low so that you are not out large sums of cash down the line. Thanks to the availability of these loans, finding a trustworthy source is not that difficult. The problem here is acceptance. Many lenders focus their efforts and investments on people with stellar credit, a long and trusted history, and money or collateral. A large number of businesses, especially in today's economy, are not able to meet the requirements fully. Business loans also have a lot of time, paperwork, and effort involved, more than some people may like.

  • Merchant Advance
  • A merchant advance invests a certain amount of money into your business that you pay off over time. The repayment is through a certain amount taken from your account or a certain percentage taken from payments to your business until the full amount, plus interest, is paid back. The amount is unsecured and available to most businesses, including those that do not meet the requirements for loans. Interest with a merchant advance can be high. For many businesses, the interest will take up a large chunk of the total repayment, much more than what you find with loans. The can cause greater loss over time.

    Understanding which is best for you is imperative. You need to know what type of funding for business needs will allow you to grow and avoid financial ruin. Make sure that you speak with local lenders and merchants if you are hoping to receive any amount of money. Compare what is offered to get the best deal for your business.

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